Chromebooks Might Be Able To Dual Boot Windows 10 In The Future

There are clear advantages to running Chrome OS compared to other platforms like Windows or macOS, such as Chrome OS being a more lightweight operating system which means that you should be able to squeeze out more battery life from a Chromebook versus a laptop running on Windows.

Google Pixelbook Review  Editor's Pick

Even with the Core i5 edition, the Pixelbook delivers an exemplary, flawless web experience, with a user interface that can be smoother than more powerful PCs.

Pixelbook ‘AltOS’ Mode Might Let It Run Windows

Even though the Pixelbook is a pretty good laptop for the money, you won’t really consider it if you’re not ready to shift to Chrome OS entirely. However, it appears that Google wants to tap into those customers as well and is developing an “AltOS” mode which will enable Pixelbook owners to run Windows on their laptops as well.

Samsung Releases Updated Chromebook Pro With Backlit Keyboard

Last year Samsung launched the Chromebook Pro laptop which is one of the higher-end Chromebooks in the market today. However there were some gripes that some reviewers had with the laptop, such as the travel distance on the keyboard and also the fact that it wasn’t backlit.


Optional Chrome OS Update Will Wipe All Local Data

According to a recent discovery by security researchers, it seems that some Chromebooks that use a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) have a bug that allows hackers to brute-force their way into a Chromebook to obtain encrypted data. Thankfully the bug has since been patched, but the patch comes at a cost.

Google’s Pixelbook Sleeve Is Now Available For $100

Announced in October last year, Google’s Pixelbook is the company’s latest attempt at making its own Chromebook. It is a pretty sleek device and even comes with a Pixelbook Pen, which is basically a stylus that lets users interact with the device. For those who own both and are looking for a way to protect it, you’ll be interested to learn that the Pixelbook sleeve has been officially released.

4K Chromebooks Could Be Coming Soon

While Full HD 1080 displays are more or less the standard and the norm these days when it comes to laptops, we’re starting to see laptop makers push displays to even higher resolutions, offering 2K or even 4K options. However for the most part, Chromebooks have typically missed out on this, but that could change soon.

Dell Launches New Chromebook 5000 Series Laptops

In case Dell’s laptop announcements at CES wasn’t enough for you, or if you were perhaps in the market for something different, then you might be interested to learn that Dell has recently announced the Chromebook 5000 series. In case the name wasn’t already a dead giveaway, these are a series of Chromebook laptops.

Acer’s New Chromebook Spin 11 Features A 360-Degree Hinge

Acer has launched the Chromebook Spin 11. It’s a convertible machine courtesy of its 360-degree hinge. The new Chromebook features an 11.6 inch touchscreen display and can double as a laptop/tablet hybrid. There are quite a few configuration options available to customers so they can pick and choose based on their requirements.

Google Lists Chromebooks That Are Vulnerable To Meltdown Bug

Following a report from last week, it has been revealed that there are quite a few computers and mobile devices out there that are affected by a couple of vulnerabilities called Meltdown and Spectre. Some companies have since addressed the issue by fixing them, although in Google’s case, it seems that they won’t be addressing all affected devices.

Play Store Support Lands On 10 Chromebooks

Google confirmed last year that all Chromebooks shipped in 2017 and beyond will get full support for the Play Store, enabling users to access Android apps on their Chrome OS-powered devices. The company has gradually been rolling out Play Store support for a wide variety of Chromebooks. The Play Store has now landed on 10 additional Chromebooks from several different manufacturers.

New Acer Chromebook 11 Announced

[CES 2018] While Chromebook laptops might not necessarily offer up the same kind of functionality that you would from a normal Windows or Mac laptop, it does benefit from generally being more affordable, and is great if you’re a light-weight user who might not demand much from their laptops.

Samsung’s ‘Nautilus’ Chromebook Will Tout A Sony IMX Camera

If recent reports are to be believed, Samsung is working on a new Chromebook that’s codenamed “Nautilus.” It’s said to be a 2-in-1 Chromebook that’s also going to feature a stylus. Details about the specifications of this machine are slim but more reports are now surfacing with additional information. The latest reveals that the Chromebook is going to feature a Sony IMX camera, unlike any other Chromebook ever.

New Samsung Chromebook Might Have A Stowable Stylus

It was first reported last month that Samsung was possibly developing a new 2-in-1 Chromebook with a detachable keyboard. Some more information has surfaced about the device. A new report claims that Samsung’s new Chromebook is going to feature a stowable stylus. The information is based on new commits in the Chromium Repository.