Google Now Widget Possible Leak On Support Page RemovedGoogle seems to be adding a Google Now widget to Androids in the future.  A possible leak on their support pages shows a screenshot of the widget. Although this image does not show a lot of information, it seems to show information that is usually available on Google Now, which is a service aimed at providing users with up-to-date information about their day. You can think of it as an assistant, which knows what you’re up to by looking at your emails, calendar information etc…

Google Now Widget Possible Leak On Support Page Removed

Is this the Google Now widget?

According to the support page (which is now removed) the widget can be used on the home screen or the lock screen. Clicking on a section will redirect the user to its relevant section within Google Now.  The sections will probably be customizable and users will hopefully be able to choose content based on their preferences. Until now, users had to “press and hold” the Menu button to make Google Now appear. With a widget, they may have the opportunity of having the information right on their desktop screen or even in the lock screen.

There is very little information available at present, and we are not sure when the widget will be available and if it can be downloaded from the Play Store or if will be a part of an OS update.  Users will just have to anxiously wait for when it will be rolled out, which by the looks of the leak, should be pretty soon.

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