google_now_removedFor the longest time ever, Google’s voice assistant platform has been known as Google Now, which also serves up other features in Android such as cards to tell users the weather, upcoming trips, events, news, reminders, and more. However according to Android Police, that may no longer be the case.

According to their report, Google has pretty much removed every reference to Google Now in the latest beta of the Google Search app. As you can see in the screenshot above, the left shows the old search app that made reference to Google Now via “Now Card” and “Now on Tap”. To the right is the new version in which “Now Cards” are known as “Feed”, while “Now on Tap” is called “Screen search”.

Android Police notes that there is still one reference to Google Now and that is from the three dot menu that reads, “Customize Google Now”, but they expect it should be removed eventually as well. Now obviously Google isn’t killing off the voice assistant platform. You might recall that at Google I/O, the company debuted Google Assistant and it is likely that Google Assistant will be replacing Google Now.

We have to say that at the time of launch, we were a bit curious as to how Google Now and Google Assistant would function side-by-side, especially given that they’re both similar in functionality, but now it looks like we have our answer.

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