If you have used an Android smartphone ever then you will certainly be familiar with the Google Now launcher. It was the first public launcher that Google released and it was shipped on the company’s Nexus handsets. Countless Android devices also had it because the Google Now launcher was included in the Google Mobile Service package that Android device manufacturers have to use. Google announced in February last year that it was going to retire its first launcher and that has finally happened over a year after the initial announcement.

A lot has changed in Android since the days of the Google Now launcher. Many of the features that were included in it have since been added to countless third-party launchers. Nonetheless, it was out of place on Android in this day and age which is why Google announced its retirement in February 2017.

The Google Now launcher remained compatible with many Android smartphones over the past 12 months or so but the supported devices were gradually dropped and at last on May 2nd, 2018, the Google Now launcher dropped support for any and all recent Android smartphones. The only devices listed as supported are the Pixelbook on which you can’t use the launcher in the first place and the BlackBerry KeyOne for some odd reason.

Godspeed, Google Now Launcher. You have served us well.

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