When I was a kid, watching movies like Robotech sure got my adrenaline pumping. Imagine walking around in a giant robot suit which can transform into a jet fighter capable of defending the innocent against alien attacks, only to revert to an upright, humanoid form factor as and when required. Well, today we will see the possibilities of having more robot suits “walk” around us down the road, although these will be a whole lot smaller compared to what the Robotech universe offers.

The Hybrid Assistive Limb, better known as HAL, is actually a power-assisted pair of legs that was constructed developed by Japanese robot maker Cyberdyne, who has managed to successfully develop similar robot arms, too. HAL has received a certificate from a quality assurance body which will allow it to be sold worldwide later this year, although you will have to have rather deep pockets to wear one of these around, as they are leased at approximately $1,950 annually. Any takers?

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