Microsoft’s latest foray against Google’s search engine harnesses the power of trust and a little bit of love. Microsoft reportedly conducted a survey with Impulse and found out that 1 of out 10 couples ended their relationship on February 14th, all because of the lack of trust. The survey adds that 85 percent of people report that trustworthiness is the most important trait in a mate, beating out “good in bed,” sense of humor, and wealth. Microsoft pushes it even further by saying: “You wouldn’t keep dating someone who isn’t trustworthy, so why use a search engine known for serving their interests over your own?”

Microsoft is obviously referring to Google here. It might have some truth to it, but the marketing ploy is pretty evident. However, Bing deserves to be credited. What Microsoft is trying to prove here is Bing’s reliability and trustworthiness. Microsoft summarizes the advantage of Bing in three points: Bing offers honest results, Bing’s “History Off” feature won’t spoil your surprises for your sweetheart during Valentine’s Day, and Bing Rewards lets you earn Amazon and Starbucks gift cards, free XBOX Live and Hulu Plus subscriptions and even donations to charities.

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