Remember yesterday’s story about how the FCC has put up a proposal to create a Super Wi-Fi network that will be free for the masses to use, not to mention having far extended ranges that would put your regular 802.11n Wi-Fi network to shame? Well, it goes without saying that mobile carriers have something to say about this move, as the Washington Post did report that the proposed super Wi-Fi network is going to be so powerful, consumers might even be able to make use of these to perform calls or even surf the Internet without having to fork out a single cent for their cellphone bill any more.

It would be interesting to see where the line will be drawn, as wireless carriers work alongside networking equipment companies like Cisco, will naturally oppose such plans. On the other hand, you have parties such as Microsoft and Google who would want to see an increase in access to the Internet, which indirectly results in more traffic to their respective online services. I am quite sure that both sides of the divide are able to exist nicely with one another without cannibalizing on their respective areas of service.

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