Have you gotten tired of us mentioning Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 event in New York City that’s going on tomorrow night? Well – expect to be bummed out again if you are as we have some fresh news to share with you that could hint at one of the announcements we can expect from Sony tomorrow night.

We reported last week the PlayStation 4 could possibly stream PlayStation 3 games through the Internet. Today, we’re getting further proof Sony is planning something cloud based as a number of URLs related to the term “PlayStation Cloud” were registered on February 15th by Gaikai, which was purchased by Sony last July.

What exactly Sony is planning with its PlayStation Cloud service is unknown at this time, but being able to stream PlayStation 3 games, and maybe even PS1 and PS2 titles, would be a neat feature for the PlayStation 4. Considering how powerful the console may be, we’re sure it would be able to handle any service Sony throws at it.

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