It’s funny what can happen in a single week as last week gamers were probably not considering Sony could announce the PlayStation 4 this year, let alone release it sometime in 2013. And this week, we’re being flooded with speculation due to Sony’s teaser that was released yesterday. It looks as though the speculation won’t end until February 20th, although we might know a little bit about the PlayStation 4 before it’s announced.

According to development sources with knowledge of both the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, it looks like the PlayStation 4 is being considered the more powerful console. The specs of the PlayStation 4 are rumored to have 8GB of RAM that include GDDR5, which is capable of data speeds of 176GB per second.

Those who were skeptical of the PlayStation 4’s controller having some kind of touch-based controls should know the PS4 is rumored to have a small touchpad where the Select, Start and PS button are located on DualShock controllers. A Share button will also be introduced with the controller that will allow players to take screenshots and video clips of their game to be published online. The PlayStation 4 will be capable of recording up to 15 minutes of the most recent onscreen gameplay.

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