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Free PS Plus Games For PS3 And PS Vita Will End Next Year
A PlayStation Plus subscription provides more than just online gaming capabilities. Subscribers also get a couple of games for free every month. Sony provides free games to subscribers who own a PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita but things are going to change next year. Sony has confirmed that the free PlayStation Plus games lineup will not include titles for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita starting next year. Subscribers […]

Gran Turismo 6 Online Service Shuts Down On March 28th
It has been officially confirmed that the online services of the PlayStation 3-exclusive Gran Turismo 6 will be shut down on March 28th, 2018. That’s not all. The distribution of downloadable content that can be used in the game is being ceased as well. This doesn’t mean that Gran Turismo 6 players will no longer be able to play the game in singleplayer mode.

Sony Shuts Down Servers For Select PlayStation Games
Sony has confirmed that it’s going to shut down servers for some PlayStation games. The servers are being shut down for several PlayStation 3 games, one PlayStation 4 game as well as one PlayStation Vita game. Those who like PlayStation Move will want to pay close attention as these games are mostly titles that utilize PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Live Events App Discontinued
Sony has confirmed that it’s discontinuing the PlayStation Live Events Viewer app. This pay-per-view app from Sony Entertainment Network delivered the best live events straight to folks who owned a Sony console, enabling them to watch sports, music, and entertainment events on-demand. Sony has now decided to discontinue the app for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, but if you own the latter, you don’t really have to worry about losing […]


PlayStation Plus Free Games For October 2016
If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus you might be wondering what games you’re going to receive free as part of your subscription next month. The wait is now over for you as Sony has officially unveiled the PlayStation Plus free games for October 2016 lineup. There are some great new titles for subscribers on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Now Game Streaming Coming To PC
Microsoft already allows Xbox owners to stream their games to PC and now Sony is following suit. The company today announced that its PlayStation Now cloud-based game streaming service is headed to PC. This means that PC gamers can get their hands on some of the best titles for PlayStation 4 like Uncharted. The service will go live in select markets soon, enabling gamers to play PlayStation games on their […]

PlayStation Plus Free Games For June 2016 Confirmed
Sony has confirmed today which games will be available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the month of June. It’s has added two “excellent” PlayStation 4 games to the lineup for next month. Since the PS Plus program extends to other Sony consoles as well, subscribers who own a PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation Vita get free titles as part of their PS Plus subscription too.

PS Store Flash Sale Brings Discounts On Some Great Games
PlayStation owners take note. Sony has kicked off another flash sale on the PlayStation Store and it’s offering considerable discounts on some great games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The flash sales don’t last long so if you see a title that interests you, don’t waste any time in putting money down for it.

PlayStation Plus Free Games For April 2016 Revealed
Sony has taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal the PlayStation Plus free games for April 2016. Not only does the subscription service enable online play but it also provides a handful of titles for free every month to subscribers. April’s lineup for PS Plus members includes two titles for PlayStation 4, two each for PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Gets Free Ant-Man And Civil War DLC
There’s good news today for those who have picked up a copy of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers or those that are about to. TT Games have been developing some new content for this authentic Marvel game and it has been confirmed today that LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is actually going to get free DLC exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The new content is based on the hit Marvel movie Ant-Man as […]

GTA: San Andreas Arrives On PlayStation 3
It had been rumored over the past couple of weeks that Rockstar might be readying a port of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PlayStation 3. Rockstar Games today quietly released GTA: San Andreas for PlayStation 3 today, the port is now readily available for download and it replaces the PS2 Classics version of this game which was previously available.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 For PS3 And Xbox 360 Confirmed
Bethesda’s recent announcement that Fallout 4 will not be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 certainly made a lot of gamers sad, particularly those who have not upgraded their consoles just yet, but they’ll certainly be happy with what Activision has announced today. The publisher just confirmed Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360, it had originally announced the title for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and […]

PS Plus June Free Games Revealed
An incentive that PlayStation Plus members get is free games, they need to subscribe to this service in order to play games online but free games add more value to the money that they have to spend in order to play online. The PS Plus June free games have been revealed by Sony and it has published the names of all titles that PlayStation Plus members will get to play for free […]

PlayStation Now Subscriptions For PS3 Go Live On May 12th
Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now has been available on the PS3 and PS4 for quite some time now however subscriptions have remained exclusive to the new console. That changes in the very near future. Senior director for PlayStation Now Jack Buser confirmed on the official PlayStation blog today that PlayStation Now subscriptions will go live for the PS3 very soon.

Vevo For PS4 And PS4 Launched In Select Markets
Vevo is a popular music platform that’s known for providing easy access to some of the hottest new music videos. It’s channels are available on Youtube and Vevo has released apps for several different platforms itself. It’s now turning its attention towards Sony’s gaming consoles. The official Vevo app for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 has been released in selected markets today.

Mass Effect 3 Free One Hour Trial Available For PS Plus Subscribers
It was reported earlier today by many outlets that Mass Effect 3 had gone free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 3. That’s actually not the case. The title’s price has been slightly reduced for subscribers. What threw most people off was the fact that only a one hour trial of this game is being offered for free to all PS Plus subscribers.

Plex App Released For PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 3
About two months back the Plex app was launched for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Naturally at that time people asked if an app would be released for Sony’s consoles as well. We got our answer today. The official Plex application is now available for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. It comes as a result of requests from Plex users on the company’s forums, the rise in requests made the […]

PES 2015 Demo Released In Several Regions
Football fans are spoilt for choice this month as demos of two separate football titles have been released. The FIFA 15 demo has already been released and today we are treated to the Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 demo for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and the Xbox 360. The demo was expected to be released for players across Europe yesterday but it didn’t come up, today the demo went live […]

Sony Believes PlayStation 3 Still Has A Lot Of Life Left
While Sony might have launched their PlayStation 4 console several months ago, it does not mean that they will focus less on the PlayStation 3. In fact during an interview with GameSpot, SCEA director of hardware marketing, John Koller, stated that there is still a lot of life left in the PlayStation 3 and that everyone should not disregard the PS3’s install base, which at the moment is definitely sitting […]

Minecraft PS3 Edition Release Date Announced To Be December 17
Minecraft recently sold a total of 10 million copies on the Xbox 360 version alone, but the game’s overall sales will certainly get a boost come December 17 as that is when the PlayStation 3 version of the game will be released. Minecraft’s console developer, 4J Studios, announced just last month the PS3 version of the game would be made available prior to the next-gen version. Currently, the PlayStation 4 […]