We already know the PlayStation 4 will have some impressive internal specs as it’ll have a 6x Blu-ray drive, 8-core AMD CPU and 8GB of RAM, but one feature that wasn’t revealed during their big unveiling last night was the fact it’ll be able to support 4K displays.

Before you get all excited and even begin to consider purchasing a 4K display, you should know the 4K support won’t be usable for playing games as those will still be displayed at 1080p. Instead, the 4K support will come to playing 4K video streams, which the U.S. is still a few years from achieving at this point.

Being able to deliver games that run on 4K displays would mean a serious bump in resolution as running a game at a 3840 x 2160 resolution would probably melt our brains anyways with the amount of detail developers would have to pump out at a reasonable frame rate. We say we keep the game playing at an already eye-watering 1080p resolution, m’kay?

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