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LG 2020 OLED TVs + G-Sync = Living Room Gaming Nirvana
Back in September, LG started to roll out support for NVIDIA’s G-Sync on select OLED televisions. But at CES 2020, LG not only extended that support for additional televisions, but also made it work at a maximum of 240Hz, welcome to living-room gaming nirvana.

Honor Vision: Huawei’s First Smart TV Running On New OSEditor's Pick
Honor demonstrated its Honor Vision Smart TV at IFA 2019, which is a first for two reasons. First, it’s Honor/Huawei first television, and secondly, it is the first device to use HarmonyOS (codenamed HongMeng), Huawei’s proprietary cross-device operating system that may become an Android alternative someday, although it’s not the preferred option.

Samsung Micro-LED Technology Update: A Rising Threat To OLED’s Domination
It’s no secret that OLED is doing extremely well in the high-end TV market at the moment and that LG has been enjoying this ride for the past few years.

LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R: World’s First Rollable TV
LG has been going extremely well in the high-end TV market, and the new model 65R9 of the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R series will further increase the halo effect that the company is enjoying across its OLED televisions.


LG OLED and LED Televisions Coming in 2018
[CES 2018] LG has made its 2018 OLED product line official, and without much surprise, the best got a little bit better. Years ago, LG made a commitment to OLED TVs, and that move was met with resounding success last year, and it looks like 2018 will be more of the same. The LG OLED Televisions are the best money can buy if you can afford it, and given the […]

LG ThinQ Artificial Intelligence to Power 2018 LG TVs
[CES 2018] At CES 2018, LG will introduce ThinQ a voice interface which is powered by LG’s own artificial intelligence (A.I) engine called DeepThinQ. As you can guess, it is based on deep-learning which is the new buzzword these days, but we’re looking forward to seeing the fruits this will bear.

Ubergizmo Best of CES 2017Editor's Pick
Out of the tens of thousands of new products, applications and services introduced at CES, here are the ones who caught our eyes. Although CES 2017 is incredibly diverse, many of the products represented here show strong underlying trends that are of interest to us: Televisions keep evolving very rapidly, with display and processor becoming separated. The PC industry experiences important growth & Innovation, especially in the gaming segment WiFi […]

Cheaper 4K TVs Added To Sony's Lineup
If you are thinking about purchasing a new 4K TV from Sony then you will be glad to find out that the company has added some cheaper models to its 2016 4K TV lineup. Earlier this year it showed off some of its flagship models which are quite expensive but these new models are geared more towards the average consumer who doesn’t have too much money to burn on a […]

Cheaper 4K OLED TVs Released By LG
LG today announced pricing and availability for its entire 2016 OLED TV lineup, some of the models in this lineup are quite expensive and to make sure that it has products that cater to all customers, LG today announced the launch of a couple of cheaper OLED 4K TVs. The flat-panel B6 and curved-panel C6 series TVs join the already unveiled LG SIGNATURE OLED G6 and LG OLED E6 series.

Sony's New 4K HDR TVs Now Available For Pre-Order
Sony unveiled its new TV lineup at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 last month. If you liked what you saw then you have something to be happy about today because Sony has finally made the new 4K HDR TVs available for pre-order. The new TVs can be pre-ordered right away and they will be arriving at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy in March.

TCL X1 4K Ultra HD TV Sets To Wow
[CES 2016] TCL has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to affordable yet quality TVs over in the US, and this time around, the company from China has introduced the new TCL 65” X1 4K Ultra HD TV that will be the first model of the X1 series which will roll out in the US later in 2016. The Press Day event saw TCL demonstrate its Dolby […]

TCL 4K Roku TV Models Announced
[CES 2016] TCL has just announced their brand new 4K TCL Roku TV models which will see them increase their product portfolio of smart TVs further, especially those that will be powered by the Roku OS. In fact, the US5800 happens to be the latest TCL Roku TV model from the China company, being part of the company’s S-Series range, while the UP130 (which you can see above) happens to […]

Sony 4K TVs Will Get HDR Color Support This Fall
Sony released a handful of 4K TVs this year and some of them cost a pretty penny, if you happen to have purchased any of those models then there’s some good news for you. The company has confirmed that it will be expanding support of its high dynamic range (HDR) color update to include more 4K TV sets. What this means is that by this fall more Sony 4K TV models […]

Panasonic Has Created A 65 Inch 4K OLED TV
Samsung and LG’s 4K OLED TVs have been relatively successful and their performance appears to have compelled Panasonic to come out with one of its own. The company today unveiled a new 65 inch 4K OLED TV as part of its IFA 2015 announcements, the big-screen TV comes almost two years after the company decided that it would no longer make its much appreciated plasma televisions.

DirecTV's New Box Is Just For 4K Content Only
The 4K or ultra high definition standard is gradually becoming popular but there is still a long way to go before it’s as common as 1080p full HD. 4K TVs are getting cheaper every year and content services like Netflix are jumping on the UHD bandwagon. DirecTV is now making it much easier for its customers to access 4K content, it has launched a new box precisely for that purpose.

First 4K Sharp TVs With Android TV Available Now
There are quite a few OEMs that have committed to supporting Android TV and Sharp happens to be one of them. The first 4K televisions from Sharp that are powered by Google’s platform are now available for purchase. It’s a range of five televisions sets that cover sizes from 60 inches all the way up to 80 inches. Sharp says that these TVs are now “shipping into the marketplace” which means […]

Netflix For Android TV Brings 4K Shows And Dolby Digital Pass-Through
If you’re an owner of a swanky 4K TV then this news is going to make you pretty happy. Until now the 4K segment has been yearning for exclusive shows tailored as per its pixel requirement and finally Netflix has taken the first step in the league of catering 4K television. The video-streaming service is offering its indigenous shows like Daredevil and House of Cards in 4K video quality.

Ultra-Thin Sony 4K TVs Will Be Released This Summer
Sony has announced that it will be releasing its new ultra-thin 4K TVs in the United States this summer. The new lineup features a sleek design and is powered by the new 4K Processor X1, Android TV is also present onboard. The 2015 lineup includes six new series of 4K Ultra HD TVs, the X830C, X850C and X930C/X940C which can all be pre-ordered today and they’ll arrive in May. X900C/X910C will […]

Titan Zeus Is A 370-Inch 4K TV
This is the “big-screen” TV to shame all other big-screen TVs. Mind you, this isn’t the first humongous 4K TV, Panasonic was one of the first to get that crown with its 152-inch 4K TV. That particular TV has now been blown out of the water. Titan Zeus is a 370-inch behemoth that supports full 4K and touts 65 million colors. Its good for outdoor operation as well since you’re going to […]

Panasonic Life+Screen AX800 4K TV Series Unveiled
[CES 2014] A handful of 4K TVs have been unveiled at the international Consumer Electronics Show 2014, so its no surprise that Panasonic is here too with its new Life+Screen AX800 4K TV series. 65-inch and 58-inch models will be offered, which according to the company tout “Beyond Smart” features and improved picture quality in a “cutting-edge” design. Studio Master Color provides accurate color reproduction whereas a high-color-space LED backlight […]