More details on the recently announced Sony PS4 has surfaced, and while Sony did not manage to unveil the home console at the event earlier this evening in New York City, at least it has shed additional light on the kind of power packed underneath the hood. For starters, the Sony PS4 will clearly concentrate a whole lot on graphics, where it has a powerful custom chip from AMD run proceedings from within, boasting of eight x86-64 cores as well as a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that is composed of a unified array of 18 compute units, where they will collectively generate 1.84 Teraflops of processing power (!).

Other than that, we gathered earlier today that the Sony PS4 will feature 8GB of unified system memory, where GDDR5 is used in order to deliver 176 GB/second of bandwidth. In plain English, do expect blazing fast performance in terms of graphics, but it remains the onus of the developer to deliver the right kind of coding. How is your PS4 fund coming along? The folks over at Engadget tout a 6x Blu-ray drive keeping the PS4 company, too. [Press Release]

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