I don’t know about you, but deep fried foods seem to taste far better than steamed food, especially when it comes to meat. The thing is, having plenty of deep fried foods in your diet is not something that your physician would recommend in the long term, so is there a way to have your proverbial cake and eat it, too? The answer would be yes, thanks to TMY of Japan who has developed their very own oil-free fryer. All right, so it does not use any oil, surely magic is not involved? Definitely not, which is why TMY has called their latest device the Air Fryer.

I’ve seen other versions of the Air Fryer before, most notably the model from Philips. Basically, the Air Fryer functions by rapidly circulating hot air around the food, resulting in cooking it as though it were dipped in hot oil. It will use naturally occurring oils in french fries, fish, pork, and chicken among others, and you have no issues with cleaning up the grease around the kitchen after that. At $322 a pop after conversion, it lines up nicely with the Philips Air Fryer. I’m sorry for being unable to resist this pun, but it ought to provide some healthy competition to Philips!

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