Well, we are rather glad that the entire hoo ha about the Vine app has now blown over, as the iOS app is back with an update to version 1.0.5 today, coupled with a new 17+ rating. Not only that, the Vine app will also now allow you to block a particular profile, in addition to sharing whatever you have posted to Twitter and Facebook (as any decent app that needs to get even more traction would).

The 17+ rating is thrown into the mix after a fair number of pornographic clips have been posted to Vine, delivering half a dozen seconds of visual stimulation, and along the way, this helped push Vine to be one of the top Editor’s Picks. Good to know that this “blunder” was removed in a jiffy and attributed to “human error,” according to Twitter. Guess it took just one month for the app to grow up, after hitting the decks in January with a 12+ age rating. Well, the new 17+ rating would come with a message that informs the end user of “frequent/intense sexual content or nudity”, but we’re sure you already knew that.

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