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Vine’s Spiritual Successor, Byte, Has Officially Launched
Many years ago before the rise of TikTok and before apps like Instagram and Snapchat became the dominant force they are today, there was Vine. It allowed users to upload short video clips to its platform resulting in many Vine celebrities being created. The app and platform was ultimately shutdown, but it looks like it’s back.

Byte By Vine’s Founder Opens Its Creator Program
Last month it was officially announced by Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann that he would be launching what would essentially be Vine 2.0. The new service is called Byte and now it looks like the company is starting to accept registrations by creators who might be interested in checking it out.

Internal Emails Reveal How Facebook Dealt With Vine As Its Competitor
Facebook has longed to get into the video scene for a while now as it recognizes that there is plenty of money to be made through advertising, although admittedly as much as they have tried, YouTube is still pretty much king. However back in the day, it seems that Vine’s potential was threatening enough to give Facebook pause.

Vine 2.0 Will Be Launched As ‘Byte’ In Spring 2019
When Vine was acquired by Twitter, the company continued to allow the app to run for a while, but last year Twitter announced that they would be shutting Vine down. However for those who loved Vine’s short form videos, Vine’s co-founder teased that he might be thinking of launching a successor.


Vine Successor 'V2' Development Postponed Indefinitely
Vine was quite popular many years ago and it ended up being acquired by Twitter in 2013. The microblogging network didn’t really provide it with the kind of support that the community might have been expecting. Moreover, Instagram took the looping video concept to another level so Vine’s graph gradually declined. Vine was then shut down by Twitter. Its co-founder Dom Hofmann recently revealed that he has been working on […]

Vine Successor Launch Due This Summer
Vine used to be all the rage a few years ago. The app enabled users to upload 6-second videos and that led to people creating some very interesting and funny content that stuck to that very short time limit. Vine was acquired by Twitter in 2013 but the microblogging network didn’t really give it the kind of support that it needed, particularly at a time when Instagram moved into the […]

Vine 2.0 Teased By Co-Founder
In this day and age of social media where it is dominated by short-form videos like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, it would have been interesting to see how Vine would have fared. Unfortunately Twitter shut down the service before we could find out, although by the looks of it, we could be getting another shot.

Vine’s Co-Founder Says He’s Working On A ‘Follow-Up’
Back in 2012, Twitter acquired Vine ahead of its official launch which seemed to spawn a trend of short-form videos, resulting in some people becoming internet celebrities as a result. However in 2016, Twitter announced that they would be shutting the service down, where in early 2017 the service officially shut its doors.

Vine Users’ Emails Were Compromised
Twitter has informed users of its now-defunct Vine platform that their email addresses and in some cases, their phone numbers, were compromised to third parties. The company mentions that the user information was only exposed for a day and that it wasn’t misused, but still, users should be careful and keep an eye on any unusual activity associated with their email accounts.

Vine Launches A Searchable Video Archive Of Its Old Videos
As you’ve probably learnt by now, Vine has shut down its video services. This was confirmed back in October of 2016 where Twitter announced their plans to shutter the service. That being said, it seems that Vine isn’t quite done with video just yet as the platform has just launched a searchable video archive (as reported by TechCrunch) of all the videos that have been uploaded to its website.

Vine Shuts Down Today
It was officially confirmed by Twitter last year that it would be shutting down its six-second video platform Vine in a few months. The company announced a few weeks back that Vine will officially be dumped on January 17th, 2017. That’s today, which means that today is the last day you can download videos from the platform before they’re no longer available for download.

Vine Shut Down Date Is January 17th
Twitter confirmed a couple of months ago that it was killing Vine. The service has been around for a couple of years and while it enjoyed popularity in the beginning, people started to lose interest in the app once better versions of its features were provided by rivals like Instagram. People no longer saw the need to limit themselves to six-second looping videos. It has been confirmed today that the […]

Vine Will Continue To Live On As A Standalone Camera App
As you might have heard, Twitter announced back in October that they would be shutting Vine down. Many had assumed that this is the end, and it sort of is, but at the same time it sort of isn’t because Vine will continue to live on, just not in the same capacity as it once was. Instead Vine will now be relaunched as a standalone camera app.

Vine Could Be Saved As Twitter Is Reportedly Considering Selling It
We’re sure that many were bummed when it was announced that Twitter would be shutting down Vine. Granted the app and platform isn’t what it used to be especially thanks to other platforms like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, but it did manage to create its own group of Vine celebrities.