Many years ago before the rise of TikTok and before apps like Instagram and Snapchat became the dominant force they are today, there was Vine. It allowed users to upload short video clips to its platform resulting in many Vine celebrities being created. The app and platform was ultimately shutdown, but it looks like it’s back.

If you recall, Vine’s creator had teased a couple of years ago that he was working on a spiritual successor to Vine called Byte, and for those who are looking forward to trying it out, you will be pleased to learn that Byte has since gone live and is available for users to download on both iOS and Android devices.

The concept of Byte will be similar to Vine where users will be able to upload looping 6 second videos. We’re not sure how different Byte will be compared to Vine, and more importantly, if it has a place in the market today. Vine was popular back in the day, but like we said, platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have since taken over with its Stories feature.

Byte has plans to eventually introduce a partner program where creators can get paid, so if you’re interested in taking it of a spin, you’ll be able to download the app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

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