3d-printed-google-glassYou know how some of us like to be at the forefront of things all the time, especially among our clique, as we want to be the standout person? Well, Google Glass looks set to be quite the niche hit among nerds as well as the technologically proficient in the months and perhaps, even years to come ahead, but does this mean it warrants you getting ahead of the official “gun” by enlisting the help of a 3D printer? New media artist Sander Veenhof and Interactive designer Klasien van de Zandschulp were seen in Amsterdam wearing what looked like Google Glass, but when probed further, these extremely realistic eyewear proved to be but 3D-printed replicas.

Of course, the level of realism must be extremely high for it to warrant such a reaction from the masses, and wearing a pair of these 3D printed fakes would give you the geek cred that you so desire, just make sure you do not take it off or lend it to anyone who wants to get an idea on how Google Glass works, as that would definitely give the game away.

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