How many of you are seriously involved in this hit game known as Minecraft, and simply cannot get enough of the block building title? If you have answered in the affirmative, chances are you had gone through the motions of playing when it was still bright outside, only to play all the way through the night and morning during those long weekends. Well, Jim Rutherford is certainly a fan of Minecraft, and he decided to come up with a rather cool modification for his son by bringing the immersion of Minecraft into the real world.

After noticing a commercial for Philip’s Hue, which is actually an ambient light bulb which can be wirelessly controlled, Jim was inspired to “connect” the the lights to Minecraft, having them follow the game’s day-night cycle instead. This result in Jim picking up a Hue Starter Set for $199, and used a free app from Philips via the App Store, before creating his own iPad app that delivered the relevant central controls for the ambient game lighting. Ain’t he one of the coolest dads to have around?

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