With social distancing measures being put into place, it means that more people are being sent home to work or to study. It also means that large gatherings have been cancelled or postponed, such as school graduation ceremonies. Graduations are a huge part of a student’s life, which is why over in Japan, students have come up with an interesting way around the issue.

Graduates from one elementary school, determined not to pass on this milestone in their lives, have opted to gather in order to graduate. However, this gathering was done virtually where the students met up in Minecraft where their graduation ceremony was held.

According to a translation of the tweet by SoraNews24, it appears that the students had fun taking part in their graduation ceremony, which we imagine is probably the first of its kind. The tweet reads, “They spent all day online together playing games and laughing. I’m glad they all had fun. The assembly hall is also really well made.”

Switching to online gatherings is starting to become more popular these days as they act as an alternative to physical gatherings. Even companies like Apple and Google have announced that while their physical annual events won’t be taking place, they will be planning online events to help make up for it.

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