ea-bf4It seems that sequels to games are big things, and this year’s edition of Battlefield will see Battlefield 4 being announced for a fall release, where it is more or less certain to head towards the PC platform. The game itself has not been announced on other gaming platforms (home consoles, mainly) apart from the PC, but common sense might point towards the likes of the PlayStation 4 as well as Microsoft’s next generation Xbox console. Right now, the Sony PS4 seems to be the best bet to get Battlefield 4 in due time since it has been officially acknowledged to be in the pipeline, so we will leave Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox, if any, to rumor mongers.

Battlefield 4 is said to be built on the latest iteration of DICE’s Frostbite engine, but apart from that bit of information, there are no additional details concerning the game’s engine to date. Battlefield 4 does seem to be firmly planted in current times though, so do watch out for the game’s beta to go live later this fall. Out of all the FPS titles that you have played, which one gives you the most gaming enjoyment?

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