A select few of those working at Gamestop recently managed to get a peek at Battlefield 4, a position that would definitely make anyone envious, fans of the game especially. Well, these very same employees also tweeted about it, leading to fans of the Battlefield franchise waiting for additional information. Of course, be careful of what you wish for, as evidenced by some of the rumors circulating, where IGN recently picked up a “Save the Date” invitation to an event this coming March 26. The invitation itself boasted of a blue and orange color scheme alongside a whole lot of lens flare, which would certainly not breed any sort of contempt despite being familiar, but on the contrary, it ought to get fans of the Battlefield franchise salivating.

Of course, one should always take into consideration that a single postcard is far from an official announcement, but at the very least we all know that Battlefield 4 is already in development, and given enough time to gestate, it ought to arrive in a box that we all know and love. Do you think Battlefield 4 will be announced this coming March 26th?

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