Dreamfone Runs Firefox OSMozilla is well known for their Firefox browser, but what about their Firefox mobile operating system? Surely with Windows Phone solidifying its position in the highly competitive mobile operating system market, a relatively new player like Mozilla might just find it rather challenging to break onto the scene convincingly. Well, perhaps the video right after the jump might just change your perspective on things, as Mozilla recently demonstrated their Firefox OS on an engineering sample of the Dreamfone, which is a low-end smartphone that can run the Firefox OS.

Apparently, Mozilla will target the entry level smartphone market only, especially devices that will not cost more than a Benjamin, which should be a rather big one, with the number of emerging markets around. The Dreamfone that you see in the video below will boast of an ARM Cortex A5 chip that chugs along at 1GHz. Hopefully, Mozilla will be able to ensure that their Firefox OS runs HTML5 and Javascript applications well without running into bugs, and initial impressions have been promising, although it cannot be avoided that there are some lag times in certain visual transitions. Future optimizations ought to weed those out.

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