Dongles are all the rage these days, you have companies like Google and Amazon selling their own dongles while there are many other companies that are selling similar products. A Kickstarter project raised funds for Matchstick which was a Firefox OS powered dongle but unfortunately the project is being cancelled. Due to several reasons the team behind the Matchstick project has decided to cancel it and refund all of the money that they raised to the backers.

The Matchstick project was launched about nine months ago on Kickstarter where it quickly raised the initial target of $100,000. It was positioned as a Chromecast rival that’s powered by Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

One of the reasons that the team gave for this decision is that they faced many issues related to DRM development which is why they had to cancel the project, while more research, development and integration can be done they fear that all of this might not be done in time. It’s been close to a year as it is.

The team has detailed on the project’s Kickstarter page how full refunds will be issued to the backers, at least those who backed this project no longer have to wonder when this Firefox OS dongle is going to be shipped.

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