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Mozilla Ending Firefox OS Smartphone Support After v2.6
Mozilla has announced today that development on Firefox OS is going to stop after version 2.6 of its operating system for smartphones is released, finally ending speculation about the future of Firefox OS on smartphones. This announcement comes two months after the company said that its Firefox OS platform will no longer be available on mobile phones in the future. Mozilla had launched Firefox OS on smartphones to enable manufacturers […]

Try Firefox OS On Android Via An App
Mozilla has created an operating system that’s primarily aimed at low-end devices and chances are you can’t walk into a local carrier store and pick up a handset powered by Firefox OS. If you’ve been curious about the operating system and would like to take it for a spin, the good news is that you can now do it from the comfort of your Android handset. Mozilla is now allowing anyone with an Android […]

Matchstick Firefox OS Dongle Cancelled
Dongles are all the rage these days, you have companies like Google and Amazon selling their own dongles while there are many other companies that are selling similar products. A Kickstarter project raised funds for Matchstick which was a Firefox OS powered dongle but unfortunately the project is being cancelled. Due to several reasons the team behind the Matchstick project has decided to cancel it and refund all of the […]

Experience Firefox OS With This Android Launcher
Considering how loyal Android users are, especially when you’ve invested a lot of time and money in curating an entire suite of apps, it’s hard to make the jump to a different platform, especially one whose ecosystem isn’t as populated. Now if you’ve always been curious as to what Firefox OS might be like without actually buying a Firefox phone, you’re in luck.The folks at Mozilla have recently released an […]


Mozilla's $25 Firefox Smartphone Plans Bite The Dust
Mozilla tried to carve a niche for itself in the Android dominated smartphone market by coming out with $25 smartphones powered by Firefox OS. The idea was to provide these very cheap smartphones in emerging markets where customers who were purchasing their first smartphone could do so for a lot less than what they would spend on a cheap Android device. This strategy doesn’t seem to have worked because Mozilla […]

Panasonic Outs Firefox-Powered TVs
It looks like the world of smart TVs are about to get all the more interesting, not to mention smarter if Panasonic and Mozilla have anything to say about it. Basically, Panasonic of Japan has just rolled out their very first range of TVs that will run the Firefox OS operating system. Part of the new Viera smart TVs have just arrived in Europe, and are tipped to hit the […]

Mozilla Shows Off Firefox OS For TV
Mozilla has been developing Firefox OS for a variety of platforms even though the first devices powered by it were smartphones. The OS is capable of running applications that use web technologies like JavaScript and HTML5, thus making it easier for developers to convert their existing apps for Firefox OS. The operating system can also be run on devices like smart TVs and TV sticks, Mozilla is now showing off what […]

Matchstick Firefox OS Streaming Stick Delayed
Streaming sticks are becoming popular. They are easy and cost effective ways of adding “smart” features to your TV provided that it has an HDMI port. These devices are capable of running apps and mirroring content from personal devices, so users not only have access to the content they have stored, but they can also stream content from services like Netflix and Hulu. Matchstick, a streaming stick powered by Firefox OS, […]

HTC Rumored To Be Testing Firefox OS
The bulk of HTC’s smartphones run on Android. It has dabbled with Windows Phone devices but for now the Taiwanese company’s handsets are almost exclusive to Google’s mobile operating system. That doesn’t mean it won’t look at other options. A rumor floating around today claims that the company is running tests on Firefox OS.

Alcatel's Pixi 3 Will Be OS Agnostic, Will Run Android, Windows, Firefox OS
With several different smartphone platforms that one can choose from at the moment, it is safe to say that we’re spoilt for choice. You might like the features of a particular platform, but you might not like its design or its lack of apps or the lack of hardware that you can choose from, so what can you do?Well the good news is that Alcatel OneTouch has you covered. The […]

LG Fx0 Firefox OS Smartphone Announced In Japan
It was earlier this morning that we picked up word on the radar that KDDI of Japan has announced its very first smartphone that will run on the Firefox OS platform as opposed to the other more popular choices that are readily available – iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. The handset in question? The KDDI Fx0, which so happens to have been manufactured by the folks over at LG.

Mozilla's CTO Criticizes iOS And Android For Lack Of Transparency
There are many who would argue that Apple’s iOS platform is a closed platform, meaning that developers only get to access whatever Apple decides to let them access. Google’s Android on the other hand is slightly more open, which has led to the creation of many different Android ROMs as well as allowed OEMs to create their own custom versions of Android.However it seems that Mozilla’s chief technology officer Andreas […]

Firefox OS Apps Now Run On Android
While we have heard much about Mozilla’s Firefox OS in recent times, perhaps it is time to shift the attention a wee bit and concentrate the proverbial spotlight on the Android mobile operating system. Thanks to the introduction of Firefox for Android 29, Firefox OS now gains the ability and capability to run on Android devices, and all of this is made possible simply because the apps happen to be […]

$25 Firefox OS Smartphones Aim To Conquer Low-End Segment In Emerging Markets
Earlier this year in February Mozilla announced that it had partnered up with Spreadtrum, a China-based chipmaker, to develop Firefox OS smartphones that cost under $25. There might not be much market for these devices in the West but in markets like Indonesia and India they can do very well. Mozilla has now announced that its teaming up with two local manufacturers in India to bring ultra-low-cost Firefox OS smartphones to the […]

Mozilla Will Attend MWC 2014 To Show Off Firefox OS' Progress
When it comes to smartphone operating systems, there are many to choose from. We have iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Tizen, Firefox OS, and Sailfish OS, just to name a few. However when it comes to platforms that are dominating, safe to say that iOS and Android are probably the two most popular platforms available in the market at the moment, but does that mean that other platforms don’t stand […]

Firefox OS Tablet Prototypes Enter Test Phase
Most people will immediately associate Mozilla with the popular Firefox web browser, but it does so much more than that. Firefox OS is the prime example, a new platform that’s already powering a few low cost smartphones. Mozilla has already said that Firefox OS smartphones aren’t going to be launched in the U.S. any time soon, that’s because it wants to focus on markets where saturation isn’t sky high. The […]

Panasonic And Mozilla Work On Firefox OS Open Platform For Next Generation Smart TVs
[CES 2014] There is nothing quite like good, old fashioned collaboration between companies to churn out something useful for the masses. Both the folks over at Panasonic Corporation and Mozilla have announced that they will be working together to develop and promote the new Firefox OS, which happens to be an open platform that is based on HTML5 as well as other Web technologies, targeting next generation smart TVs as […]

Tizen And Firefox OS Should Team Up, According To Samsung
It is safe to say that in the smartphone platform market at the moment, the main players are probably Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. There are of course other platforms out there such as Sailfish OS, Tizen, and Firefox OS. While not to say that these smaller operating systems have no chance at beating out the big guys, doing it on their own could be a long and tough […]

Mozilla Currently Has No Plans To Launch Firefox OS Phones In The U.S.
AT MWC 2013, the then Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs said that Firefox OS phones will be available from Sprint in early 2014. The company appears to have backtracked on that comment. Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s Executive Chair, said that the OpenMobile Summit that the company currently does not have any plans to launch Firefox OS phones in the US. The company is reportedly “actively exploring” manufacturer and operator partnerships for the US […]

LG Unveils Its First Firefox OS Smartphone, The LG Fireweb
LG seems to be slowly expanding its products into uncharted territory as they’re reportedly working on a number of products that will run on Chrome OS, and today, the company is unveiling its first Firefox OS smartphone: the LG Fireweb.