In recent months we have seen Google unify a lot of its products. In the spirit of spring cleaning, they have also shut down some 70 services, including the hugely popular Google Reader. As of now there are a host of different Google products that allow users to communicate with each other. These include Google Talk, Google Talk for G+, Voice, Hangout, Messenger, Chat for Drive. Apparently the internet search giant is developing a new unified messaging service that will bring all of these services together, and is going to be cross platform.

Despite the fact that they already have so many communication services, they don’t really gel together. Beside that, they aren’t exactly that popular either. The new service that Google is reportedly developing completely from the ground up will presumably fix all this. Dubbed Google Babble, it will be available for other platforms such as BlackBerry and iOS as well, hence competing with BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage/FaceTime respectively.

In Google Babble users will have the ability to start Hangouts with anyone in their contacts lists and also share photos and videos. The same chat window will be available on all Google products. Basically Google Babble brings together all of these scattered services under one name, and unites all of their features in one single application. The source is unable to offer information regarding its release date as of now, but it is expected that Google Babble may be announced at the I/O conference.

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