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Google Will Now Inform Developers Of Poorly Made Android Apps
When it comes to developing apps, there are many ways one can go about solving the same problem or trying to achieve the same thing. This is where experience comes into play, where more experienced developers will probably be better at coming up with code that is more efficient, so like we said, not all apps are created equal.

Your Phone’s Graphic Drivers Can Soon Be Updated From The Play Store
In case you didn’t know, your phone has a GPU built into it which helps to handle more intensive tasks like games, movies, and so on. Now updating the drivers on your phone isn’t really something many of us think about, unlike computers where we sometimes get prompted by manufacturers.

Soon You’ll Be Able To Send Money Using Google Assistant
Sending money over instant messenger isn’t a new feature. In fact we’ve seen quite a few platforms support the feature, such as with Facebook Messenger and Gmail, and soon it seems that you can use Google Assistant to perform such actions too, as confirmed by Google on its Android Developers blog.

LG And GE To Add Support For Google Assistant In Their Appliances
Google Assistant was originally designed to live on smartphones and the Google Home, but given how we’re starting to see home appliances starting to integrate Amazon’s Alexa AI, we guess it isn’t surprising to learn that both LG and GE have announced that they are planning to integrate Google Assistant into their home appliances.


YouTube VR Will Get Shared Rooms And Live Voice Chat
The idea behind virtual reality (VR) technology is to help create more immersive experiences where users are transported into virtual worlds. However sometimes this can feel rather lonely, after all imagine being inside a virtual world but with no one to interact with? Apparently those are some changes that YouTube wants to make.

Google Says Android O Will Cut Reboot Times In Half
There are many things that make a smartphone OS good to use, such as its user interface, overall design, features, accessibility, conveniences, and of course speed, which while can be hardware dependent, has also got to do with optimizing the software for hardware. This is something that Google will be addressing with Android O.

Google Expeditions Will Be Getting A New Augmented Reality Mode
Since it would be a difficult and expensive task to try and bring students in a classroom to various parts of the world for educational experiences, what Google has done is launch Expeditions which basically allows educators to give students a similar experience using the technology of virtual reality.

Android Now Has 2 Billion Monthly Active Users
When it comes to smartphone operating systems, it’s hard to deny that Android is currently the king of the hill and their closest competitor would be Apple’s iOS, but even then the market share difference is still pretty huge. So exactly how big is Android? Try 2 billion monthly active users.

Google Search Will Soon Make Job Hunting A Bit Easier
If you’re looking for a job, there are various job portals that you can visit to find something that might suit you. However it seems that Google wants to make it easier for you to find a job and in an announcement on its blog (via Engadget), they have launched a new initiative that will be rolling out in the next few weeks called Google for Jobs.

Android’s Instant Apps Now Available To All Developers
At last year’s Google I/O event, the company announced an upcoming feature called Instant Apps, however fast forward to this year and that feature has yet to roll out in earnest, although recent reports have suggested it could be soon. Turns out the reports were right as Google has announced that Instant Apps will now be available to all developers.

Google Lens Uses Your Camera To Make Searches In Real-Life
When you hear a song that you don’t know, there’s a good chance you might launch apps such as Shazam or SoundHound to try and identify it. So what about objects? What if you saw a table or a pair of shoes you really liked but didn’t know where to buy it? Google Goggles was an option, but it seems that Google could be replacing it with Google Lens.

Notification Dots Will Be Coming To Android O
One of the main differences between iOS and Android is the way the platforms handle notifications. With iOS, notifications come in two forms, via app badges where a number is shown on the app’s icon to indicate how many notifications/messages/emails there are, and also in the Notification Center.

‘Android Go’ Is A Lightweight Version Of Android For Low-End Devices
Several years ago, Google attempted to address the emerging market with an initiative called Android One. This basically resulted in a series of low-end Android devices that were sold on the cheap. However it did not quite make the splash that we’re sure Google was hoping for, and it seems that they’re back again with another attempt.

Google Play Protect Will Help Make Android Devices More Secure
We know that as it stands, Google has in place several security measures and checks for its Google Play Store to help prevent malicious apps from being uploaded. It’s not a perfect system as from time to time, some malicious apps do slip through, but for the most part it is pretty secure and is generally a safe place to download your Android apps from.