1364213933Are you in the market for a new keyboard for your Mac computer? If you are, Moshi’s Luna Backlit Mac keyboard, unveiled back in 2012, might be it, although with it being priced at $100, it does put it out of the range for consumers who are simply looking for an alternative to Apple’s own brand of Mac keyboards. However if the design above is striking already and you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on it, here’s some of the specifications of the accessory. The keyboard will feature Mac-friendly media keys, a numerical keypad and will come with scissor-switched chicklet keys, somewhat similar to Apple’s default Mac keyboard. If you’re looking for something low-profile and somewhat “quiet” in terms of typing, then this will do the job. The Moshi Luna keyboard will plug to your Mac via USB, although it should be noted that it does not offer additional USB ports which seems commonplace for wired keyboards, so that should be taken into consideration. More information about the Moshi Luna Mac keyboard can be found on Moshi’s website.

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