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Satechi Launches New Aluminum Keyboard For Mac
Are you not a fan of Apple’s Magic Keyboard for its Mac computers? Maybe yours is getting a bit long in the tooth and you need a replacement and you don’t want to pay Apple prices. If that is the case, you might be interested to learn that Satechi has recently announced its new X2 wireless keyboard for the Mac.

Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed Keyboard Announced
For those who aren’t into mechanical keyboards, you might only be familiar with full-sized keyboards that come with a numpad, or maybe even TKLs which takes away the numpad. However, in the enthusiast scene, you have even smaller form factors like 60% or 65% keyboards.

Zagg’s Pro Keys Will Bring Trackpad Functionality To Non-Pro iPads
As far as Apple’s official iPad accessories are concerned, the company’s Magic Keyboard keyboard folio pretty much supports the iPad Pro models only. This means that if you’re not an iPad Pro owner, you might miss out on certain features like the trackpad, but there is some good news on that front.

Don’t Worry, The M1 iPad Pro Fits Just Fine With The Last-Gen Magic Keyboard
When the M1 iPad Pro was officially announced, the external design of the tablet looked the same as its predecessor, but based on the dimensions, it is ever-so slightly thicker. This led to concerns that the new iPad Pro would not fit the last-gen Magic Keyboard accessory. Apple later released a support document which suggested that it would, but might not be a perfect fit.


This Could Be Your Last Chance To Buy Apple’s Space Gray Mac Accessories
When Apple launched the iMac Pro, the computer was launched in a space gray finish and was also released with similarly colored accessories. For a while, these accessories like the keyboard and mouse were sold exclusively with the iMac Pro, but were later released as separate products that you could buy by itself.

YouTuber Gives His MacBook Pro A Mechanical Keyboard ‘Upgrade’
Laptop keyboards are hardly the best keyboards to type on. They are functional, no doubt about that, but it just doesn’t compare to a proper keyboard, but we suppose that’s one of the trade-offs to being able to carry your computer around with you. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve on it, right?

First-Gen Magic Keyboard Will Work With New iPad Pro, But Might Not Be A Precise Fit
When Apple launched their new iPad Pro, it was later revealed that the 12.9-inch model would not be compatible with the first-gen Magic Keyboard. This is because the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro measures 0.5mm thicker than its predecessor, which means that it won’t fit the older Magic Keyboard, or does it?

Apple’s New iPad Pro Doesn’t Support The Previous-Gen Magic Keyboard
At Apple’s Spring Loaded event last week, the company took the wraps off its brand new iPad Pro lineup. The changes were mostly under the hood where Apple gave the new iPad Pros the M1 chipset, but externally there are some changes, such as how the 12.9-inch model is apparently thicker than its predecessor.

Brydge 12.9 MAX+ iPad Pro Keyboard Case Launched
Given the size of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and also its performance capabilities, it can in some cases actually act as a laptop replacement. This of course varies depending on what you need from a computer, but for typing up documents and emails, it’s more than capable of doing that, especially with accessories like Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

Apple’s New Touch ID Keyboard Is Only Compatible With M1 Macs
Yesterday, Apple announced their brand new 24-inch iMac and alongside the new computer, they also unveiled a new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID built into it. The keyboard is currently only available if you buy the new iMac as Apple doesn’t appear to be interested in selling it separately, at least for now.

Apple’s Brand New iMac Also Comes With A Touch ID Enabled Keyboard
With Apple’s MacBook laptops, the company has actually built-in Touch ID into the power button. This allows users to not only turn their laptops on, but also authenticates them easily without having to deal with passwords. Some have wondered if Apple could extend this to their desktop computers, and sure enough they have.

Samsung Just Launched A Brand New Wireless Keyboard
When it comes to keyboards, manufacturers launch them all the time and there are so many to choose from that it’s hard to find the ones that stand out. In fact, it seems that Samsung is tossing their hat into the ring with a new wireless keyboard of their own, but don’t let the simple design of the keyboard fool you, there’s a bit more to it than you think.

Logitech G Pro X Keyboard Review
I bumped into the Logitech G Pro series by accident: I was in Japan when I (urgently) needed an external mechanical keyboard. Upon looking and testing at the local selection in a Yodobashi store, the Logitech G Pro series was the best I could find at the time. I got one and was quite impressed with the quality.Later on, Logitech came out with what seemed to be unimaginable, for a […]

Apple Isn’t Done Trying To Reinvent The Keyboard
In order to make laptops thin and light, companies have had to design low-profile keyboards. The problem with low-profile keyboards is that it isn’t always the most pleasant to type on, which is why over the years, we have seen Apple come up with ways to try and create a better laptop keyboard.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple Over MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Has Been Certified
A few years ago, Apple attempted to reinvent the laptop keyboard by introducing what they called the butterfly switch mechanism. This was supposed to result in an even thinner keyboard. Unfortunately, it was found that the switch’s design was pretty bad and led to many issues involving keyboard failure.

Cherry’s MX Ultra Low Profile Switches Will Bring Mechanical Keyboards To More Laptops
One of the reasons why mechanical keyboards aren’t a present in laptops is because of the design of the switch that is simply too bulky for a lot of laptops. Sure, there are some laptops that do feature mechanical keyboards, but for the most part they still tend to feel rather bulky because even though it uses a low-profile switch, it still isn’t exactly very flat/thin.

Keychron K3 Review: The Perfect Travel Keyboard
The Keychron K3 has been announced and we managed to get our hands on a unit for review. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that’s small and lightweight enough for travel, then maybe this is the keyboard for you.

Corsair Launches A Compact Keyboard In The K65 RGB Mini
In the mechanical keyboard enthusiast scene, seeing 60% keyboards is a pretty common sight. However, for the longest time ever, mainstream keyboard makers have stuck with full-sized designs or at the very most, shrunk them down to TKL which takes away the number pad. However, these days we’re starting to see a trend emerge, with Corsair being the latest to hop on board.

Razer Huntsman V2 Analog Challenges The Concept Of Mechanical Keyboards
Regardless of whether you use a regular membrane keyboard or a mechanical keyboard, the concept of its functionality is the same – you press down to complete the circuit and register the keystroke. However, Razer thinks that they can challenge the current concept of mechanical keyboards by launching the Razer Huntsman V2.

ASUS ROG Claymore II Mechanical Keyboard Announced With Detachable Numpad
When it comes to keyboards, a lot of us are probably familiar with full-sized layouts where it comes with the function row and a numpad. However, not everyone needs a numpad. In fact, for some, numpads actually get in the way when they try to use their mouse, thus forcing users to spread their arms out wider which can get uncomfortable.