Capcom Brings Resident Evil 2’s Lexington Typewriter To Life

For those who have played Resident Evil 2, chances are you might be familiar with the Lexington typewriter from in the game. It is somewhat iconic and if you thought it would be cool to own the typewriter, Capcom is more than happy to oblige as they have brought the Lexington typewriter to life to celebrate the impending launch of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Xiaomi Mechanical ‘Game Keyboard’ Launched

Xiaomi make all kinds of products. While they might be known to many as being a smartphone maker, the company has dabbled in a variety of products across a variety of sectors, ranging from smart home devices, to bicycles, to drones, and more recently it looks like the company is getting into gaming peripherals with the launch of their own mechanical keyboard.

Vinpok’s Taptek Is A Mechanical Keyboard Designed For Mac Users

The majority of keyboards, both regular and mechanical, have been designed for Windows-based PCs in mind. This means that when it comes to Mac users looking for a new keyboard, there are little options available, or in some cases they will have to compromise by having the wrong legends.

Kumo 40% Mechanical Keyboard Launched On Kickstarter

When most people think about keyboards, there’s a chance that many of them think of the regular full-sized keyboards with a number pad on the right, a row of function keys, a row of numeric keys, your alphas, modifiers, and so on. However there are keyboards of various sizes, and if you’re after something ultra portal, Kumo might be a keyboard worth checking out.


Hexgears X-1 Is A Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

If there is one main difference you might notice between regular keyboards and mechanical keyboards is that for the most part, mechanical keyboards have a slightly taller profile. This does admittedly take some getting used to, but if a low profile design is something you’re after, then maybe the Hexgears X-1 might be the keyboard for you.

Internal Apple Document Confirms New MacBook Keyboard Blocks Debris

Apple’s refreshed MacBook Pros were recently torn down by iFixit and what that revealed was that the company had taken a step to address the keyboard issues that have caused it much trouble.

Logitech G513 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Announced

If you’re looking for gaming keyboards, those keyboards are a dime a dozen, but if you’re after more options then you might be interested to learn that Logitech has unveiled its latest gaming keyboard in the Logitech G513. This is a mechanical keyboard that will take advantage of Logitech’s Romer-G switches.

Apple Patents A Dirt-Resistant Keyboard

When Apple launched the new 12-inch Retina MacBook, they also introduced a brand new keyboard for the laptop. This new keyboard is said to be thinner and offer less travel between presses, but unfortunately it also resulted in some problems as due to the thin profile, dirt, dust, and debris that gets caught can cause the keys to stop functioning properly.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard Features Hidden Fingerprint Sensor

Microsoft has always made some pretty great keyboards and it’s keeping up with that tradition. The company has quietly announced its new Modern Keyboard. Not only does the Modern Keyboard look clean and premium, it also comes with a fingerprint sensor that’s neatly hidden within the keyboard itself.

Matias Unveils New Backlit Wireless Aluminum Keyboard

[CES 2017] For those familiar with mechanical keyboards, Matias is a brand and a name that you’re probably familiar with. At the same time the company has been known to create non-mechanical keyboards as well, such as their aluminum keyboards which are designed to mimic Apple’s Mac keyboards, at least in terms of design.

Switch Maker Cherry Creates A Silent Mechanical Keyboard

[CES 2017] If you are familiar with mechanical keyboards, then you know that Cherry is probably one of the most famous switch makers for such keyboards, so much so that prior to making their own switches, Logitech and Razer used to rely on Cherry’s MX switches for their gaming mechanical keyboards.

Cloud-Connected Das Keyboard 5Q Now Available For Pre-Order

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard, you’ll be pleased to learn the the Das Keyboard 5Q is now available for pre-order. In case you’re wondering what separates the Das Keyboard 5Q from the other mechanical keyboards out there, it is largely due to one feature, which is that the keyboard is a cloud-connected keyboard.

Microsoft Unveils Its Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

While Microsoft might be known for their software like Windows and Office, the company also dabbles in hardware, like keyboard and mice. Granted they don’t get the same amount of attention compared to the likes of other peripheral makers, but Microsoft’s keyboards have over the years have been pretty well-received especially amongst casual users.

Xiaomi Launches The Wyatt Meter Mechanical Keyboard

Xiaomi is a company known for their affordable and value for money smartphones. However in recent years, the company has expanded their offerings beyond mobile, such as fitness trackers, powerbanks, drones, air purifiers, and recently it seems that the company is getting into computer accessories by launching its own mechanical keyboard.