why-Wii_U_posterNintendo’s Wii U has been experiencing quite the slow start as it has sell at least over 100,000 units after the holiday season. January’s sales were predicted to be around 55,000 units, while February wasn’t any better with only 64,000 units sold. Considering no major “must have” games were released in March, we’re pretty sure the Wii U won’t be celebrating a milestone month.

Nintendo took the offensive at PAX East this past weekend by informing the gaming community gathered there why they should pick up a Wii U through handouts titled “Why Wii U?” The handout includes a rather long laundry list of reasons why it’s a better console when compared to the Wii, which was a rather strange choice as Nintendo is pretty much shooting itself in the foot with this list.

A number of the comparisons seems like Nintendo was trying to think of anything and everything as to why the Wii U is better than the Wii as playing Wii U games and accessing Miiverse seem to be obvious reasons to upgrade. But the inclusion of “Uses the Wii U GamePad,” “Uses Wii U Accessories” and having the ability to “Browse the Internet during Gameplay” wouldn’t be considered the best reasons to spend $300 – $350 for a Wii U.

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