NVIDIA has been showing a lot of love to its mobile division lately as it continually rolls out a new Tegra chip every couple of years and is even preparing itself to dominate the mobile gaming world with its Project Shield. Fans of the company’s PC cards might feel a little left out in the NVIDIA love, but with today’s announcement, you can be sure the company hasn’t forgotten of its everyday PC user.

NVIDIA may have announced its K500, but we’re sure a $2,249 graphics card might be a tad out of your gaming budget, so the company is announcing a new set of lower budget cards: the K4000, K2000 and K600.

The Quadro K4000 retails for $1,269 and features 768 CUDA cores, 3GB of RAM and a memory bandwidth of 134GB per second.

The K2000 retails for $599 and halves the amount of CUDA cores and memory bandwidth the K4000 has, although it still has a nice chunk of RAM in it at 2GB.

The K600 is the least expensive card out of the bunch as it retails for $199 and has 192 CUDA cores, 1GB of RAM and a memory bandwidth of 29GB per second.

All of the cards NVIDIA is announcing today should start rolling out to retailers very soon, so we hope you saved all of your gift cards if you’ve been in the market for a new graphics card.

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