With the Samsung Galaxy S4 pegged for an announcement tomorrow, we’re sure that many of you guys have seen the billboard ads, the digital posters, as well as the video advertisements, not to mention the recent flash mob that took to the streets of New York City. Without a doubt it seems that Samsung has gone pretty much all out in terms of advertising for their Galaxy S3, and interesting according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, they found that Samsung in 2012 spent more in advertising than their rival Apple.

While Samsung’s advertising expenditure exceeded Apple by less than $100 million, what’s interesting is that back in 2011, Apple’s advertising expenses were three times that of Samsung, so for Samsung to play catch up and surpass Apple in less than a year is astounding. However despite spending that much, a report released earlier this year by Ace Metrix found that Samsung took second place behind Apple has America’s most effective mobile brand. However with the Samsung Galaxy S4 launching soon and with a surge in advertising, maybe 2014’s report will state otherwise.

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