Google Glass is a pretty interesting piece of hardware although I am still debating with myself if I would actually wear something like that in public. However since Google Glass isn’t available to the public just yet, user John has decided to hack out something similar, except this time it will be running on iOS which will no doubt please many Apple fans out there. The design itself isn’t as pretty as Google Glass, but it is functional and according to John, it is made from a pair of glasses with projection screens built into it, and a gaming headset and as you can see in the photo above, will be running off the iPhone. Dubbed the Beady-I, John has posted a set of instructions on Instructables if you wish to create one for yourself. We’re not sure how useful these glasses are or if they have the same amount of functionality that Google Glass offers, but if you’re interested, head on over to John’s Instructables’ page for the details!

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