gamwormschaingun580_530x298If you grew up playing games like Worms on your computer, then chances are you might have be pleased when it arrived on mobile devices. However if playing on your phone isn’t your thing, Managing Director at Team17, Debbie Bestwick, has announced that Worms will be arriving on the PS Vita later this year, although there is no word on when exactly that will happen. According to Bestwick, “One big Worms game we can mention is a game for the PS Vita that we are working closely with Sony on, this will be the ultimate handheld console version releasing later this year.” Based on that statement, we can only assume that Worms for the PS Vita will take advantage of the touchscreen controls as well as the touchpads positioned behind the console, or at least that’s what we’re hoping. In any case hopefully additional details will be shared, but in the meantime who’s excited?

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