ubuntu-alienwareLinux and computer gaming are not exactly bosom buddies, but this has not stopped Dell’s Alienware arm from delivering the Alienware X51 gaming desktop with the option of having Ubuntu running on it as the operating system of choice. This particular option is made available to those living in the US, where users are able to select either Windows or Ubuntu when making their purchase. So far, initial impressions of Ubuntu as the operating system of choice does make some sense, where this unique interface offers a clean and stylish approach which is a snap to learn.

First time Ubuntu users would find it a cinch to figure things out, but if you are undecided at the moment, a couple of key issues could help nudge you in the right direction. The Ubuntu-powered Alienware X51 will feature supported drivers from NVIDIA, letting you game right out of the box, but do make sure you do your bit in looking for updates, and installing Steam is also a snap on this machine, although many games have yet to be supported. You will be able to enjoy classics like Team Fortress 2 and Serious Sam though.

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