During CES 2024, Alienware unveiled two brand-new QD-OLED gaming monitors, marking a significant leap in display innovation. The Alienware 32 4K QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3225QF) and Alienware 27 360Hz QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW2725DF) are the world’s first of their kind, expanding the acclaimed QD-OLED family introduced at CES 2022.

The AW3225QF, honored with a 2024 CES Innovation Award, offers a 4K curved QD-OLED panel, providing infinite contrast, true blacks, and peak luminance up to 1000 nits. With a fast 240Hz native refresh rate, 0.03ms gray-to-gray response time, and Dolby Vision HDR, it ensures an immersive visual experience.

The AW2725DF, another CES Innovation Award Honoree, boasts a 360Hz native refresh rate, 0.03ms response time, and QHD resolution, delivering competition-ready speed and remarkable color performance. Both monitors feature VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 and incorporate advanced technologies like NVIDIA G-SYNC, VESA AdaptiveSync, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to ensure tear-free, stutter-free gaming.

Left to right: Alienware 32 4K QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3225QF) and Alienware 27 360Hz QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW2725DF)

  • The AW3225QF supports 120Hz performance on next-gen game consoles, featuring HDMI 2.1 FRL (Fixed Rate Link). The dedicated console mode optimizes HDR performance, and eARC compatibility enables the use of Dolby Atmos speakers without additional cables.
  • The AW2725DF, designed for competitive gamers and streamers, offers AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and VESA AdaptiveSync for smooth gameplay. Both monitors prioritize sustainability, arriving in recycled packaging and incorporating recycled materials.

Alienware is committed to addressing OLED burn-in concerns, providing a 3-year limited OLED burn-in hardware warranty. Additionally, Dell’s ComfortView Plus reduces harmful blue light without compromising color accuracy.

A 2024 CES Innovation Award Honoree, the 4K curved QD-OLED panel is intentionally crafted to help reduce reflection and also to capture expanded peripheral vision with infinite contrasts, true blacks, and peak luminance up to 1000nits for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Availability and Price

Both monitors, available in North America from January 11, 2024, showcase Alienware’s dedication to cutting-edge display technology, gaming performance, and environmental responsibility. Target pricing starts at $1,199.99 (US) / $1,499.99 (CA) for the Alienware 32 4K QD-OLED Gaming Monitor and $899.99 (US) / $1,199.99 (CA) for the Alienware 27 360Hz QD-OLED Gaming Monitor.

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