apple-pedometerSome of Apple’s most popular products these days would include the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook (Air and Pro), but does this mean that Apple has no interest whatsoever in other aspects of the consumer electronics business? Actually, they might venture into something slightly different down the road, if the trio of filings published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office were to be looked in greater detail. It seems that these patent filings revealed that Apple intends to improve the accuracy of pedometer readings whenever they are used in mobile devices, which could mean we might actually see an Apple device in the health accessory industry sometime down the road.

While Apple’s patents do not mention a wearable accessory specifically, the technology that they applied for can be used in a consumer electronics device in a jiffy, and to see Apple file a trio of patent applications separately, while describing three different pedometer logging techniques, could mean that they are undecided on a first-party solution or product just yet. Perhaps time will see how the entire shebang will pan out, or it might fizzle out to nothing.

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