81R9Yyw3N4L._SL1500_-630x400When Apple introduced the Lightning connector, it probably upset many older iPhone users who might have a ton of accessories, such as speaker docks, which relied on the 30-pin dock connector. Sure there is the adapter but it’s a clunky solution, not to mention due to the way some speaker docks are designed, the adapter might not fit. In any case if you own a 30-pink speaker dock that you’d like to use again with your new iPhone 5, the Auris Bluetooth receiver might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

As you can see in the image above, the Auris Bluetooth receiver plugs into your speaker dock via a 30-pin connector, but due to it being a Bluetooth receive, it means you will be able to pair your iPhone 5 with it and enjoy tunes on your speaker dock like you did before. The receiver has a range of around 33-feet and can remember the profiles of up to 8 devices at one. Formerly a Kickstarter which saw it successfully raise $132,000, it is available for purchase via Amazon for just $49.99.

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