draw-somethingI did think for a while that Draw Something might have ended up to be bigger than Angry Birds, but it seems that our winged friends have a far longer lifespan than expected, and Draw Something did not really manage to sustain its momentum. This particular app did require players to showcase their drawing skills, doodling a picture on their respective devices which will require a fellow player to guess a word from a pool of letters that are shown on the screen.

Surely this is an extremely simple and yet addictive game, and it seems that Draw Something will eventually make its way to the TV screen. This surely brings back fond memories of Win, Lose or Draw back when I was still a wee lad. Apparently, the show based on Draw Something will be known as ‘Draw It!’, where it will launch on Channel 4 in the UK on Friday nights. Do you think that Draw It! will be able to make it big in the long run, or will it also peter out after its initial launch?

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