draw-somethingIt was just last year when OMGPop’s game, Draw Something, was something of a huge hit, to the extent where screen captures of the game started appearing on my Facebook newsfeed. Due to huge popularity, Zynga decided to acquire the company, hoping that it will be able to build off the success of Draw Something. Unfortunately it seems that the novelty of the game quickly wore off, losing as many as 5 million players in a short amount of time, after which we didn’t really hear about the game anymore, leaving us to wonder what were Zynga’s plans for it.

Well as it turns out, OMGPop might not have been the cash cow that Zynga was hoping to get and according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, not only did the deal cost Zynga a cool $200 million, but taking the number of days into account from the time the company was acquired to the day it was closed, it basically cost Zynga about $454,000 a day just for the fixed cost of the acquisition alone. The closure of OMGPop was announced just yesterday on the company’s official Twitter account where it seems that some of OMGPop’s employees were caught off-guard themselves.

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