fiat-500eWhen it comes to electronic rides, you know for sure that electric powered cars are the way to go where the future is concerned, as it cuts down on most of the environmental problems where burning fossil fuels are concerned, not to mention being a whole lot more quiet and efficient on the road. The thing is, do not expect high performance electric cars to be readily available to the masses at a relatively low price if you want to get your adrenaline pumping, and there is also the issue of range. Folks living in California will have the 2013 Fiat 500e to look forward to later this summer.

There are several incentives in place to help persuade potential California buyers pick up this particular green ride, including a $199 36-month lease that will require you to drop a mere $999 when signing. This will be similar to the lease program offered for the Fiat 500 Pop that runs on gas instead. Overall, the Fiat 500e will cost $32,500, but the final sticker price might eventually fall to a mere $20,500 for California residents thanks to a combination of federal, state and local tax credits in addition to Fiat rebates, now how about that?

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