hoodieSo, it was Easter yesterday, and of course most folks would have expected some sort of Easter Doodle to go along with The thing is, Google had other ideas, and their decided to go ahead and throw a celebration for Cesar Chavez’s birthday in lieu of Easter, which is what you can see on the Google search page image capture as seen above. Needless to say, this has caused a reaction among the masses, but I am quite sure it is no big deal in the long run.

Just a little bit of background information – Cesar Chavez was an activist, labor leader, and an organizer, and 31st March could have been his 86th birthday if he were still alive. It is really interesting to see how some folks actually felt the impact of a lack of an Easter Google Doodle, that they decided to take the unprecedented threat of switching over to Bing. Talk about a strange reaction! Bing does not have the kind of fun doodles that Google offers, and their search life is going to go down the dumps (popular perception of many) once you make the switch. Do you think that this is an over-reaction on the part of some netizens?

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