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HP Prime Graphing Calculator Can Run Apps, Has A Touchscreen Display

HP Prime calculator

In this modern day and age of smartphones most people don’t carry a standalone graphing calculator. Anything a calculator can do, your smartphone can do as well, all thanks to the plethora of calculator apps that are available for major platforms. If you absolutely must possess a calculator that doesn’t live inside your smartphone, check out the HP Prime. It has a multi-touch display and can run a host of apps.

Today HP posted a promotional video of The Prime standalone graphing calculator on YouTube, it is going to be released this Fall. The calculator touts a 3.5 inch full color touchscreen display, full hardware keys that one would expect on a sophisticated calculator and the ability to run apps. The design looks a lot like that of Porsche designed P’9981 BlackBerry smartphone, but just to be clear, this calculator does not have phone or email features. The HP Prime will ship with a number of apps preloaded, though the app library can reportedly be expanded by sideloading. They’ve not revealed any pricing or availability information as yet. Looks good, doesn’t it?

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