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iOS 7 Concept Improves Contacts App With Attached Photos

Apple announced the dates for this year’s WWDC earlier today which they also announced they will be using the show to give an in-depth look at the next version of both iOS and OS X. We’ve seen some great iOS 7 concepts in the past, one of which reimagines the lock screen, text messaging and more, but a new concept has caught our attention today for what is being imagined for some of iOS’ most notable apps.

The iOS 7 concept comes to us by Rafael Justino and takes a look at a re-imagined Clock, Voice Memo, Weather and Calculator app. Some of the improvements look to be a simple change in the app’s overall color scheme, but his concept for the Contacts app is one I could certainly get behind. Being able to see attached photos of your contacts straight from the start of the Contacts app will certainly help in recognizing a person, especially if you have a long list of names.

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