We think it’s safe to say much of our audience enjoys a good video game every so often. The Mega Man series is one we’re also sure you’ve heard of as Capcom’s iconic blue bomber has appeared in a large library of games, that’s why when we saw this plush arm cannon and helmet, we know you’d certainly appreciate it.

Both of the Mega Man arm cannon pillow and helmet are available at E-Capcom for 6,090円 ($61.13 USD) and as you can see in the images, you not only can take a nap with either one, but you can also wear them to make you seem a lot less crazy when you tell people you are, in fact, Mega Man. Just remember that you need to stay at least 300 yards away from your next door neighbor who you insist looks just like Dr. Wily or else he could call his latest creation called “Police Man” to take you downtown and rough you up a bit.

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