Netflix Reaches 4 Billion Hours Of Streaming Video Milestone In Q1 2013


Netflix has had quite the first quarter of 2013 as the company’s CEO Reed Hastings took to his Facebook yesterday to not only promote its exclusive show, House of Cards, but also to announce its customers have watched over 4 billion hours of streaming content through the service. The last time Hastings revealed the amount of streaming video Netflix users have watched was in July with one milling hours being viewed at the time.

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Hastings didn’t announce which videos contributed to their 4 billion hours of streaming video milestone in only the past three months, but his mention of House of Cards may hint at the possibility its inclusion onto Netflix might have something to do with the increased viewership.

When you break down the 4 billion hours Hastings announced today, that means Netflix is at the point where it’s service over 1 billion hours of streaming video content to its users within a month. That’s extremely impressive for any streaming video service, although nowhere near the numbers YouTube has reported a few weeks ago.

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