Today Google has released a new update of its Chrome web browser for Android. Apart from the usual bug fixes, performance and stability improvements there are new syncing features. The latest Google Chrome for Android also comes with additional HTML5 features and enhanced pinch-to-zoom responsiveness. Scroll performance has also been greatly improved. User comments on the Google Play Store reveal that the latest version does not have any major bugs, rather it appears to be performing better than the previous one, exactly the way it should be.

The latest Chrome for Android update features autofill and password sync, this feature was previously only available in the beta version of the browser. Mobile Chrome users will have access to browsing information and passwords that they have stored. Users can sync any device with their Google account and all of the information that they have stored will be automatically added to that particular device. Your Android device should notify you when this update becomes available for it, alternatively you can also download the latest Chrome for Android update from Google Play Store.

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