Cryptocurrency Mining Apps Banned From Google Play Store

Google routinely updates its developer policies for the Google Play Store to ensure that apps that may negatively impact the user experience or be harmful for the community in any way are not allowed on the distribution platform. The company has reportedly updated its developer policies for the Play Store once again and this time it has decided to ban cryptocurrency mining apps.

PUBG Mobile Beta Also Released On Play Store

PUBG Mobile is already available for Android from the Google Play Store. The game is free-to-play so anyone can download it and start playing. The game itself is quite stable but it’s not finished just yet. So a PUBG Mobile Beta has now also been released on the Play Store.

North Korean Hackers Went After Defectors With Infected Android Apps

It’s not uncommon for malware-ridden apps to make their way to the Play Store. The people behind them either want to scam users or just push less than desirable ads to make a quick buck. Their motives aren’t as sinister as those of a North Korean group of hackers. McAfee researchers found that a North Korean hacking group nicknamed Sun Team recently posted three infected Android apps to the Play […]

Google Play Store Video Ads Test Begins

Nobody likes seeing ads but they’re hard to avoid with free-to-use services. If you weren’t satisfied with being bombarded by ads while surfing the web or watching videos on YouTube, rejoice, because soon you may see ads in the Google Play Store as well. Not just any ads, mind you, Google is beta-testing video ads in the Play Store. Google has confirmed today that it’s testing a new ads format […]


Google Removed 700,000 Bad Apps From Play Store Last Year

Malware authors and attackers are particularly focused on targeting Android users given to the fragmented nature of the operating system. While it’s common for malicious apps to spread though third-party app stores, some bad actors often succeed in getting their apps listed on the Google Play Store which is the main source of apps for a vast majority of Android users. Google revealed today that as part of its ongoing […]

You Can Now Buy Audiobooks On Google Play Store

Android users can buy apps, music, TV shows, movies, and ebooks from the Google Play Store and now they can finally buy audiobooks as well. Google has confirmed that it has started selling audiobooks on the Google Play Store. The audiobooks are available in 45 countries and nine languages. To celebrate the launch of audiobooks, the company is offering many best-sellers for under $10. Customers also get a 50 percent […]

Google Pulls 60 Apps From Play Store Over Malware Report

Google has removed 60 games from the Google Play Store after a report from the Checkpoint security firm revealed that the apps had malware which displayed pop-up ads for porn within games. The disturbing part of this story is that most of the games that were infected by this malware were aimed at children. The malware is named Adult Swine. The security firm’s report mentions that the ads are often […]

Fake WhatsApp Gets Downloaded Over 1 Million Times On Google Play Store

You’d think that a fake of an app as popular as WhatsApp would be difficult to get pass the safety layers that Google has in place for apps that aim to be listed on the Play Store. Bad actors have long been able to get malicious apps on the Google Play Store despite all of the company’s attempts to rid its app store of the problem. It doesn’t help its […]

Google Play Store Launch In China Imminent

Update: Google has contacted Ubergizmo to confirm that the rumor below was not accurate, and was probably due to some confusion around the Google Play console. We kept the original piece for reference below: Google pulled its services from China almost a decade ago. The Google Play Store has not been available in the People’s Republic because of that but it may soon be launched in the country. Enough evidence […]

Apps With Poor Performance Will Now Be Downranked In Google Play

It’s no secret that you’ll find a lot of sub standard apps in the Google Play Store. Things have come a long way since the early days and while Google has taken concrete steps to ensure that malicious and spammy apps stay off its app store, there is still an abundance of poorly performing apps on the Google Play Store. To tackle this problem, Google has now said that the […]

You Can Now Buy 4K Movies From Google Play

There have been several reports over the past couple of weeks that Google has started rolling out 4K content in Google Play but it wasn’t available for everyone and those who did see the option noticed that the company wasn’t charging different prices for it. That changes today. You can now buy 4K movies from Google Play. 4K video content is now available for rent for purchase via the Google […]

Malicious Apps Infect More Than One Million Google Accounts

Security firm Check Point Software Technologies has released a new report which reveals that malicious apps masquerading as legitimate apps for Android devices have infected more than one million Google accounts linked to tablets and smartphones. These apps exploit known flaws in the Android operating system to remotely control the device and install other apps without the user’s knowledge or consent.

How to Install The Google Play Store

There may be a need to install the Google Play Store when you do not have it pre-installed or if you are facing any kind of issues with the current version and you want to update the Google Play Store. Also, if you are not happy with Google’s speed of rolling out the Play Store updates in your country, you can also choose to manually update it.

Play Store Will Now Suggest Unused Apps To Uninstall For More Space

We never seem to have enough storage on our phones, and if it’s one that doesn’t support microSD cards, then we’re always in the middle of a constant battle to delete stuff or move content to the cloud just so we can clear up some space. Google is willing to help out in that battle. It has added an uninstall manager in the Google Play Store app for Android, it will […]