nexthalerWhen it comes to an asthmatic patient, having an inhaler close at hand is always good practice, as you can never quite tell just when you might need to get a dose in. Well, the folks over at Cambridge Consultants are currently marketing a new kind of dry powder inhaler that they call the NEXThaler, which was specially designed for Chiesi, an Italian pharmaceutical company. The NEXThaler is capable of automating doses and helps deliver asthma medication, making it a whole lot easier as well as nearly mindless for patients to remain on their regimen without missing a beat.

Once the cap of the NEXThaler is opened, the device will prime itself for a precise dose for delivery. All you need to do then, is to breathe in and, the moment proper air flow is achieved, the inhaler will release the prepared drug. Closing the cap would lower the counter that depicts the number of available drug doses remaining. The NEXThaler just rolled out in Germany, and it ought to hit the rest of the European market in due time.

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