wii-u-system-update-spring-summerWhile the Nintendo Wii U has some pretty fun games of its own, some developers of bigger titles have decided to forsake the Wii U in favor of other consoles, such as Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. However according to a tweet by Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid, it would seem that Nintendo is currently giving away Wii U dev kits to certain developers to help encourage these developers to make more games for the console. As it stands, it seems that a Wii U dev kit will cost around $5,000, a hefty sum especially for smaller studios who might prefer to concentrate on a single platform and might choose to go with the PS3 or the Xbox 360.

Assuming this is true, we guess good on Nintendo for helping encouraging their developers, but at the same time we can’t help but feel that the dev kit is probably going out to smaller studios, since bigger studios can probably afford it, meaning that choosing not to develop on the Wii U is less of a budget concern and could signify something else. In any case that is just pure speculation so try not to read too much into that.

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